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LUPOO® Sonic

Especially for the manual cleaning of the DaVinci® Endowrist®-instruments and lumen channels we developed a customer made solution. The technology of the Lupoo® Sonic uses movement and activation during cleaning. All parts, which can move or can be activated in the DaVinci® Endowrist®-instrumentenreiniger are moved and activated several times during the process. In this way blind spots are minimized and an optimal cleaning and/or disinfection process can take place.

The new concept is a unique Dutch development which has already proven in practice.
The Lupoo® Sonic has the possibility to preclean six DaVinci® Xi Endowrist®-instrumenten during a process. Besides it is possible to clean 12 lumen channels during a process. Other advantages are:

  • The distal tip of the DaVinci® Xi Endowrist®-instruments is actuated so all contact planes will be cleaned and can be cleaned effectively

  • There is control on the pressure in the flushing channels for detection of obstruction and/or disconnection

  • In this way the manual precleaning process of the instruments and lumen channels will be automated and reproducible

  • The ultrasonic provides for effective pre-cleaning of to hard to reach placed and hinged parts

  • Self-disinfection of the ultrasonic unit and piping

  • Process view of all process parameters

  • The machine is provided with colour touchscreen control

  • Can be placed at the operational room and/or central sterilization department

  • Optional instruments can be inspected in a small sink.

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Lupoo Sonic
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