Project Description

STEELCO ® endoscope washer disinfectors and drying cabinets

PMT Partners Medische Techniek offers the complete solution for treatment of your flexible endoscopes. The Steelco ARES system foresees the use of transport cassettes and transport trolleys in order to maintain the right dirty/clean flow with considerable advantages in terms of process safety. For the optimal cleaning of your endoscope instruments the EW2 endoscope washer disinfector has been developed. The ED drying cabinets provide drying and storage of your endoscopes on the right way and through SteelcoData you can connect your endoscope washer disinfector to an external PC.

Some features of the EW2 are:

  • Fully pass through execution
  • RFID detection of process chemicals
  • Recurring endoscope channel-check (up to 7 channels) with two independent monitoring systems through pressure and flow measurement
  • Special individual pump, pressure and flow control for each endoscope channel
  • Individual pressure and flow channel control system with data logging during the whole cyclus
  • Self-thermal disinfection cycle as required from the EN ISO 15883-4 rule including endoscope basket and connections
  • Integrated sterile air filter for channel leak test and purging
  • Complete documentation on integrated printer or to a PC / hospital server with Steelco Data software
  • Available with or without drying unit

Before the endoscopes will be cleaned and disinfected they can be treated in the rinsing island with automatic leak test of PMT Partners Medische Techniek.

More information about this equipment can be found in our leaflet of the rinsing island.

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