Project Description

Cleaning and disinfection equipment

We can offer you a complete package in the area of cleaning and disinfection. For instance we deliver:

  • Instrument washer disinfectors

  • Instrument drying cabinets

  • Washer disinfector for DaVinci© Endowrist instruments©

  • Trolley washers

  • Endoscope washer disinfectors

  • Endoscope drying cabinets

  • Laboratory washer disinfectors

  • Dental machines

  • Bedpan washers

  • Animal cages washer disinfectors

  • Bed washers

Furthermore we offer advanced solutions for pre cleaning and ultrasonic treatment of instruments, complete with automatic instrument lifts, fully adjustable in height.

In the Netherlands we have several types of washer disinfectors in maintenance. The system and the components used have now proven themselves. It uses solid quality materials (pumps, valves, et cetera) from the regular suppliers, especially with a view to the availability of repair and maintenance.

Our equipment is placed at various locations in the country. In addition to our own equipment our service technicians also have experience with various non-branded equipment.

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