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Family business

PMT Partners Medische Techniek is een family business and Dutch manufacturer which aims for manufacture, delivery and maintenance of professional sterilization and disinfection equipment accessories for more than 45 years.

PMT Partners Medische Techniek is able to adapt to demands of the customers. We are able to offer customer solutions and to advise and support our customers.The structure of the organisation offers us the opportunity to respond flexibly to the wishes of the customers. Our equipment meets the current demands and new developments are used. User convenience is an important feature of our machines. By using existing components a long lifetime of the equipment is assured and maintenance can be done correctly.

PMT Partners Medische Techniek delivers good service, consisting of a quick response and execution. In the field of service we can offer you a total package. Our purpose is to relieve you as customer. We are happy to be your ‘partner in infection control’.

Our mission and vision

Services and fields of activity

PMT offers:

  • A brand independently malfunction and maintenance service
  • Validation of cleaning- and disinfection equipment
  • Validation of sterilizers
  • Periodic inspection of pressure vessels
  • Various courses, accredited by the SVN

Home and abroad our customers are for example in:

  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Health facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
Our products

CSR policy

PMT strives to undertake socially responsible with attention to People, Planet en Profit.
People; We are committed to a safe and healthy workplace for each employee. PMT is a certified learning company with the aim of letting people in training get acquainted and enthusiastic about the medical technique. We support various charities like hospitals in developing countries, Kika, the Roparun and several (local) associations.
Planet: We have a separate waste collection, we encourage our employees in using a fuel-efficient car and we aim to be a modern car fleet. Furthermore we produce sustainable products with low energy consumption. We also offer in the manufacture of our equipment solutions, aimed at energy saving like the WER system (Water and Energy Recovery system). Various equipment can be connected on this system. This ensures significant savings in operating and energy consumption. Our own business establishment is equipped with solar panels so we can provide a large part of our own energy requirements. This ensures significant savings in operating and energy consumption. Our business establishment is also equipped with energy-efficient lighting and we make use of eco-saving climate management systems.
Profit; We have a high priority for customer satisfaction. For instance, we regularly conduct a customer satisfaction survey among our customers and we innovate for new technologies. An example is our cleaning and disinfection machine for Endowrist® instruments. Furthermore we deal with collaborations/subcontracting with preferably Dutch companies with a similar CSR principle.
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